Hamburger with great commitment

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This time I went out to Gamagori City for a while. Introducing IORI, a homemade hamburger and steak specialty store. The passion for hamburgers is amazing Manager in front of the store? The clerk explained the kind of hamburger. Because it was still before opening, the store clerk introduced me to the meat and how to grill. I heard that hamburg is famous, but there are so many kinds (^^; Which hamburger should I use? If you are excited and choose … “You can Refill  this sign,” he said. I heard the word “Refill” for the first time in a …

Tokoname festival once a year

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This time, we will introduce the Tokoname ware Festival Although it was a rain of hate, I was able to see it without worrying too much because there were many events in the building. Events in Tokoname city The Tokoname ware Festival was held at four locations. This time I went to the Ceramol (SERAMO-RU) venue and the boat race Tokoname venue. There were various festival-like stores and the atmosphere was different from usual. If you go around Ceramol, this is an aquarium made of pottery. I’ve seen things made of clay pipes and something bigger, but it’s the first …

Eat Chita beef

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This time, we will introduce the village of Kuroushi in Handa City. It is a shop where you can enjoy local specialty Chita beef. Let’s taste Chita beef This is a restaurant where you can eat Chita beef, which is famous as a brand of beef from the Chita Peninsula. In addition, the Handa main store introduced this time can be eaten with lava ware made of lava where the meat is baked. Although it looks the same as an iron plate, it is made of lava. Lava is a multi-hole stone. So, during the baking process, the excess oil …

Do you not choose Tokoname ware teapot?

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This time, we will introduce Tokoname ware teapot Pavilion(Tokonameyaki kyusukan) This is the impression that was made when the number of people coming to Tokoname promenade started to increase. There are various types of teapots. It is very easy to understand because it is close to the station and along the road. It feels like a traditional building. Recently, I really feel that there are more teapots of various shapes and colors. In the past, there were many monotonous patterns, but now there are more complex ones. If it ’s so vivid, it does n’t seem to be old-fashioned even …

Red brick building with a history of HANDA

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This time, I will introduce the red brick building in Handa City. It seems that he actually brewed kabuto beer in this building, but he seems to have stopped manufacturing due to the war. The building still has traces of the shootings that were received at that time. The history of Kabuto beer It seems that he made a Kabuto beer with a mechanical engineer and a brewing engineer from Germany. 全国にThere are already four major beer makers throughout the country, and it was a late start, but it seems that it became famous as it was at that time. …

If you want to eat fish with solder, Daiheisuisan

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This time, we will introduce Daidai Suisan, a restaurant where you can eat fish dishes at a reasonable price with solder. Anyway, there were many kinds and amounts of sashimi It is a cafeteria attached to the fish market. Daihira Suisan has a cafeteria and a market on its premises. Handa is a place related to the artist who wrote the fairy tale Gongitsune There is a fox sign. I ate lunch this time. The parking lot is wide so it’s easy to stop the car, but there were many people in the restaurants There were three types of lunch. …

Delicious coffee shop in hamburg, in solder RODAN

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This time, I would like to introduce Rodan coffee shop located in the solder. The acquaintance says that hamburger is delicious,So I tried going immediately.   Worthy home-made hamburger steak It is an old-fashioned Western-style building in Aoyama, Handa. Parking lot was wide, it was place which was easy to go by car.   When I entered it … It was like an old-fashioned coffee shop. The music playing in the shop is also western music, there is a seat of the sofa, and it is a calm atmosphere. It was early in the evening, so there were no other …

Miso ramen specialty store Menshiro

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This time we will introduce the noodle shop in Agui, Menshiro. This ramen shop is rare in Miso Ramen specialty shop, ramen using miso all over the country is excellent item.   The taste is only miso, but the variety is also abundant ♪ As stated largely in the signboard, only miso ramen taste. but, because it uses miso nationwide, its variety is rich.   We use miso with various characteristics of various areas.Hokkaido miso, Kyushu wheat miso, Shinshu miso, Edo front miso. It is good to choose according to your preference as it is written with rich taste and …

You can see it frequently in the Chita peninsula.

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This time, I will introduce the seal of the tokotan introduced before. It is a big success as a character of Tokoname city (lol)   Everyone, Tokoname residents? I think that it is only a car of Chita Peninsulaa・・・ I often see sticking a lucky cat seal on the rear window of the car. There are various kinds, but I have found 2 kinds of seal of Tokotan.   Like a photo, you can paste it on a personal computer or paste it on the rear glass of a car and paste it on your favorite place and enjoy it. …

Let’s enjoy strawberry picking

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This time, I will introduce the strawberry hill where you can strawberry picking in Minamichita.   Strawberry farm which is co-located with cafe The strawberry hill has strawberry hunting and a cafe.So it is a place to enjoy sweets like strawberry cakes and parfaits.   When I went, it was a while before the end of the season.So, I thought that there are few strawberries. But there were lots of strawberries that turned red. It may be more if it is in the season of strawberry picking, but this amount is enough. Since condensed milk is also a free service, …



Nice to meet you

I am from Chita Peninsula.

I felt that more people coming to play on Chita Peninsula recentlyI thought that it would be nice if I could come to sightseeing and activate the local.

Therefore I thought about making a blog.

While adventuring in places I do not know variously, I will introduce the local things.

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